Chart Neo takes proven elements from the top Fertility Awareness Based Methods and brings them all together in one place for women's health, family planning, and infertility evaluation. Chart solo, or connect with an instructor to learn or refine your skills.

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Start Charting

Use our app to record your daily observations and build a dataset that can be used as a powerful health assessment tool.

Empower Your Practice

Our tools for fertility awareness instructors & physicians can streamline your practice and allow you to scale, enabling you to increase your reach and help more clients.


Find a Professional

Looking for an instructor or physician?


Ability to record fertility data that is medically relevant

What you are able to record with Chart Neo is the same data a doctor would be looking for if you were to seek treatment.

Easy chart printing and sharing

If you are seeing a doctor who needs a physical copy of your data, you can easily generate printable PDFs to bring to your appointments. It is also possible to share your data securely with someone else through our web portal.

Secure data backup

Chart Neo's daily charting works great even when there is no signal. But whenever you use the app while connected to WiFi or cellular, your data is backed up securely. Lose or break your phone? No problem. Just sign in on your new phone and everything will be there.

Your data is private

All of our development is done internally by us, not contractors, ensuring the safety of your data and integrity of the system.

Dr. Phil Boyle | A.J. Freda | Melissa Buchan

Who we are

Chart Neo is not a big company. In fact, there are just three of us. We're best friends who met due to a shared interest in advancing women's healthcare. We combined our collective efforts in 2018 to build an app and online platform that made it easy to not only chart, but also collaborate with an instructor and make it easy for instructors to communicate with their clients. Our developments have all been driven by the multitude of insightful comments and suggestions we've received from people like you.

We love building Chart Neo and are always working to maintain and expand what we offer. We believe that the technology available today deserves a deep, high-quality platform that provides lasting value.

Chart Neo is by NeoFertility, a Dublin based fertility clinic with a new approach to gynaecological health and fertility.
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