Step out of piles of paperwork.
Step into growing your impact.
Don't just get rid of paper charts. Expand your client capacity.

Welcome to Chart Neo

Leverage efficient, easy to use technology that allows you to streamline your program’s chart management process and focus on what really matters: making an impact on women and couples' lives through a restorative approach to reproductive medicine and professional fertility awareness education.

Chart Neo, an intuitive online platform that will transform the way you interact with your client or patient charting data. Our promise is to save you time and frustration while improving your client or patient charting experience. We deliver a professional, medical management model approach to fertility awareness charting services.

FABM Instructor
RRM Clinic
RRM Clinic w/ HIPAA
Unlimited Clients
Secure Messaging Center
Instant client chart access
Multiple physicians / instructors
Bulk discount of client app time
Referral program
Session Notes
Clinical Notes w/ Dictation
Intake Form
Private Instructor Journal
Online Form Signing
Repository for instructional materials
Storage space for Dictation, Forms, and Client materials 1MB included,
100mb for $4/mo
1MB included,
100mb for $10/mo
100MB included
Tech Support Standard Standard Prioritized

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